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January 11, 2011
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Eugene woke up chilled. He looked around trying to find the source of the cold. He noticed Rapunzel wasn't sleeping. He sat there, thinking for a moment. " The window." He concluded out loud. He stood up stretched for only half a second, and started to walk quickly. He missed Rapunzel. He slowed down a bit, he studied this new emotion which he had not felt since he was a mere lad. He shook it off, better to think of that later, He thought. He rounded the corner of their very large bedroom in the castle. He sighed in relief, that feeling, well he hasn't felt like that in a while either, Rapunzel was making him a young child again. He liked the thought of that, twenty years old and he's seen enough to be eighty.

He studied the beautiful girl leaning against the windows edge. Her large green eyes, full of knowledge, and yet lacking of, were studying something she obviously didn't understand. Her short brown hair, that he still resent cutting, was flowing in the cold breeze. He took a few steps toward her. She shot up apparently thinking she was doing something wrong. Ha, if Gothel was still alive she'd pay for all of the pain and unknowing she brought Rapunzel up with.  He thought nearly openly but decided not to in case of hurting Rapunzel's feelings.

"Why are you up so early?" He walked towards her, hugged her from behind and turned her around gently. She smiled.
"Well, Eugene" she paused, his heart skipped a beat he loved her much more than he's ever loved anything. She slowly turned around, not wanting to brake his hold.
"What's that?" She said so simply but with the urge to know it came out also a little demanding as she pointed out the window.
" Well Rapunzel, that would be called snow." He chuckled on this surely she had to know what snow was. She was probably just teasing him.
"Snow." She was trying out the new word. It hit him then, this would be something that would draw Rapunzel out of her tower. She really had no idea what the white fluff falling from the sky was.
"What do people, like regular people do when it .. snows?" she asked him looking deep into his eyes wanting an answer. This was his time to tease her.
"Oh nothing at all! We let the snow sit on the ground. Its not much use to us." He said with just enough seriousness that Rapunzel would know he was kidding. She shoved him. He often forgot how strong she really was, pulling Gothel up from the towers outside everyday. He stumbled sideways half willingly to satisfy her.
" Okay in all seriousness, the kids go outside and have snowball fights, make snow angels," At the sound of this, Rapunzel's eyes lit up brightly she started to bounce out of excitement . This made him laugh.
"No! Don't stop go on!" She started bouncing up and down like a child.
"Well how about I show you rather than tell you." At this Rapunzel stifled a delighted scream, she started running for the door. He started to go after her, but something stopped him.
"No, no, no," he heard the queens honey-like voice come from the hall.
"But, why?" He heard Rapunzels voice start to knot in her throat, that made his stomach drop. He went to stand beside her. The queen was about  to say something but he cut her off.
"Your majesty, I don't like to intrude but, Rapunzel has never been out in the snow before. I'd like to show her what she's missed." He went back over his words quickly thinking he demanded way to much he started to apologize but, this time the queen cut him short.
"My boy, all I was insisting to do was get her in a coat." she smiled full-heartedly  at the thought of this man loving her daughter so much.
"Oh." was all he could say. He felt the heat come to his cheeks, he quickly tried to cover it up. At the sight of this, the girls started giggling.
"The great Flynn Rider," Rapunzel gasped mockingly. "embarrassed!' Who has ever seen such a thing!" She put her hands on her hips tilted her head to the side, and waited for his reaction. At this he knew exactly the opposite of what she was thinking was what he must do. In obsession of her new daughter the queen ran off to talk to the king. Eugene walked over to Rapunzel. She was not on to him at all she was smiling childishly waiting for him to shove her, but Eugene did not shove her. He walked up to her, acting as if he was sizing her up. He bent down sightly and looked into her eyes with a mocking yet, menacing look on his face. At this she squealed and tried to run, he caught her arms and kissed her. It worked perfectly he caught her off guard, it was her turned to be surprised with a kiss.

After a few seconds she drew back and looked into his eyes lovingly. He sighed, there was chair behind him, he sat down. Just as he did Rapunzel raced out of the room. His shoulders dropped, so much for relaxing. He got up and walked after her, forgetting he knew not and inch of this castle. He went out into the hall. He stopped he looked left down the hall. He felt a weight on his back, something had jumped on him! Out of reaction he turned quickly around and reached for his absent knife.
Someone giggled on his back, he relaxed. He turned his head as far as he could to see Rapunzel with her arms locked gently around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek. Just that simple gesture sent warmth to his heart. He'd never longed for a life like this, with a women but, now he couldn't think of anything better  than being with Rapunzel.
She jumped off his back, landing lightly on the ground.
"Let's go!" She started down the hall. It took him a few seconds to figure out what she was talking about, his head was dizzy.
"Your coat!" He shouted after her, she stopped and turned around.
"Fine" she walked  slowly towards him then she walked to her parents room.
"Mom, Dad?" she asked as she opened the door and walked inside. Unsure of what to do, Eugene stayed outside the door. Until a hand came back through  the door grabbed his and pulled him in.
He came inside just as the king and queen rushed toward Rapunzel. They embraced her with a hug, then pulled Eugene in as well. When it was over they brought them towards the large wardrobe at the far side of the stone room. The king opened  it and grabbed a pink coat for Rapunzel, as well as, what Rapunzel came to call it a "Eugene blue" coat for him. He was shocked by there kindness, of offering him a coat as well. Rapunzel quickly put on the coat, but Eugene held his, thinking about the kind gesture. He looked up.
"Thankyou" he said from his heart, he felt loved by Rapunzel's parents as much as if they were his own.
"Oh it was the least we could do for bringing our daughter back to us." The king answered boldly.
"Come on!" Rapunzel grabbed his hand and raced for the door, he stumbled to put his jacket on and keep up at the same time. He finally just gave up and  ran with Rapunzel through the halls. She let go of his hand, now this he didn't like, not at all. But he wasn't going to be greedy and spoil Rapunzel's mood. She burst through the door. He put his coat on quickly and followed her through the mighty door. At this point he thought she was going to sing, she had a knack for that kind of stuff.
She ran out into the snow, then stopped turned around and looked at him.
"My hair's cold" she said with full out seriousness.
"That doesn't even make since!" he laughed at that and walked out and picked up some snow. He packed it into a ball and walked towards her.
"What's that?" she asked, her eyes full of curiosity.
"Well.." He threw the snowball at her and ran. She gasped
"Its cold!" He felt bad and walked towards her, right into her trap. He opened his arms to hug and and snow went right into his mouth as he started to say I'm sorry. At that she giggled and ran, to fast for the snow. She fell and slid down a hill.
"Rapunzel!" he screamed and ran after her. He did just the same, slipped and slid down the hill, like a penguin. He started frantically searching through the snow he couldn't find her! He started thinking the worst, that Gothel had come back, or the Stabbington Brothers, or someone found out about her healing tears and took her. He started running through the snow, a tear sliding down his cheek. Then he tripped. He didn't know what else to do then just lay there. His heart was braking into pieces. It felt as if someone sat next to him, he opened his eyes.
"Why are you crying?" Rapunzel asked obviously terrified by the sight. Eugene rapped his arms around her. Now he was sobbing like a child.
"I thought I lost you, that someone took you!"
"Oh Eugene!" She retuned his hug. " Eugene look at me." He looked up feeling better that she was okay.
"Now, listen to me everything is going to be alright now! We don't have to worry anymore." She was smiling sheepishly after  that, trying to make him smile. He did, he knew then that everything was going to be alright. He didn't have to worry anymore, the whole kingdom was watching out for her now.
"Alright, I'm sorry I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." Eugene apologized, feeling very childish right then, like he snuck out and got caught.
"Its okay" Rapunzel's smile lifted his whole world, his heart no longer ached. He put his hand down into the snow. Scooped up just enough to surprise her, and threw it at her, right in the face.
"Eugene!" She laughed carelessly and they fell backwards and he taught her how to make snow angles.
"Wow" she breathed.
"You like the snow I take it?" he smiled at her. He looked deep into those bright green eyes that he loved. She walked towards him
"Does this answer your question?" She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.
Just alittle something i wrote i liked it so i hope you will to. I love the movie Tangled ! I have no connections to the movie makers this is just for fun.

Alittle Fanfic om working on :D
Chapter 2
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